Plenary Session 3: Innovation Potential of Research Infrastructures

Research infrastructures should always be able to highlight their innovation potential and actively participate in the innovation process in order to demonstrate their wider impact beyond the scientific community. Interactions with industry (including SMEs) in the construction and usage of research infrastructures lead to enhanced competitiveness of the involved actors and the region hosting the research facilities.

Innovation has to be stimulated in research infrastructures themselves (operators and users) and in their supplier industry. Aspects that are considered include the following:

- R&D partnerships with industry to develop capacities and industrial supply in high-tech areas, e.g., scientific instrumentation or ICT.

- Exchange of best practice in stimulating the use of research infrastructures by industry, e.g., as experimental test facilities, innovation hubs, knowledge-based centres.

- The integration of research infrastructures into local, regional and global innovation systems.

- Innovative procurement actions by research infrastructure actors to drive forward innovation and to act as early adopters of technologies.