ICRI 2014 offers a high level international forum where key stakeholders can meet, discuss and contribute to bringing forward global issues related to Research Infrastructures. Co-organised by the European Commission and the Greek EU Presidency of the European Union, it will take forward the recommendations of ICRI 2012, which took place in Denmark and the 3rd EU-Australia Research Infrastructure workshop that took place in Canberra in November 2013.

The conference is expected to attract more than 700 international participants during three days and will include an exhibition of demonstrations and videos of international research infrastructure projects. It will include intense deliberations, discussions and exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas among the leading people in RI development today around the globe! And in just the right place: Greece, where science and research were raised to one of humanities most prominent and valuable pursuits!

ICRI 2014 will acheive the following:

  1. Highlight the essential role of global research infrastructures in addressing grand challenges at all scales: national, regional, continental and global;
  2. Reflect on the needs and challenges that arise during the development and operation of global research infrastructures at national, regional, continental and global level;
  3. Present the main characteristics of global research infrastructures and identify the challenges and drivers for collaboration at an international level.
  4. Take forward the recommendations of ICRI 2012.

 Previous installments of ECRI/ICRI:

ICRI 2012 (7th ICRI), Copenhagen-Denmark, 21-23 March 2012, www.icri2012.dk, Bella Center Copenhagen
ECRI 2010 (6th ECRI), Barcelona-Spain, 23-24 March 2010, www.ecri2010.es/en, Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB)
ECRI 2008 (5th ECRI), Versailles-France, 9-10 December 2008, www.ecri2008.fr/, Palais des Congrès of Versailles
ECRI 2007 (4th ECRI), Hamburg-Germany, 5-6 June 2007, http://www.ecri2007.de/, Grand Elysee Hamburg (Hotel)
ECRI 2005 (3rd ECRI), Nottingham-United Kingdom, 6-7 December 2005, www.nottingham.ac.uk/ecriuk/, East Midlands Conference Centre
ECRI 2003 (2nd ECRI), Trieste-Italy, 21-22 November 2003, www.elettra.trieste.it/infraera2003/, Area Science Park
ECRI 2000 (1st ECRI), Strasbourg-France, 18-20 September 2000, cordis.europa.eu/improving/infrastructure/events.htm, Palais de la Musique et des Congres