Research Infrastructures Exhibition

ICRI 2014 features a vibrant Exhibition Area to allow the conference delegates to share and network. It hosts 26 booths where Research Infrastructures, Organisations, Initiatives and other major European and international stakeholders will present their achievements in an interactive and challenging way: videos, demos, live links and more. The main objectives are:

- to offer the opportunity to conference participants to learn about the achievements of specific Research Infrastructures and about European and international initiatives; and to spot trends and new ideas as exemplified by Research Infrastructure showcases,
- to provide exhibitors with a live demonstration area that will help pitch achievements to journalists, funders and other interested parties,
- to allow for an additional networking area,
- to motivate Research Infrastructures to create effective communication material and generally enhance their communication activities,
- to enable interactions between the public and private sectors for the development of Research Infrastructures.