Director, NZ eScience Infrastructure (NeSI), New Zealand

Nick is an experienced leader of innovative teams and enjoys exploring the potential of emerging information technologies, typically within the research sector. His research sector experience has been complemented by commercial directorships in start-up ventures, including leading The University of Auckland's first software start-up incubated within their commercialisation company, Auckland UniServices Ltd. Nick’s career started in software and systems design, building on postgraduate research into innovation and technology diffusion, highlighting his passion for realising the potential of technologies and people. His practices build on insights into the sociology of teams, technologies, and markets coupled with a focus on strategic leadership and building adaptive organisations.

Nick currently leads the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI), a NZ research sector investment into research computing capability and infrastructure platforms supporting research and innovation. Nick works from within the research sector in partnership with institutions and government to deliver critical infrastructure to researchers. Working with diverse communities of researchers and institutions provides for varied engagements across research disciplines, including involvement in collaborations supported by advanced technology platforms enabling research excellence.

Nick is an advisory board member for two research centres at the University of Auckland, and is involved in the coordination panel for one of New Zealand’s grand science challenges, National Science Challenge 10: Science for Technological Innovation. Nick recently chaired the committee recommending the allocation of government funding in support of New Zealand’s Square Kilometer Array (SKA) contributions. During late 2013 Nick established a national consultation, eResearch 2020, to build vision and guiding principles for future investments into research computing infrastructures.