Director, IPANEMA European Ancient materials synchrotron research platform, Synchrotron SOLEIL, France

Loïc Bertrand is a senior researcher at the SOLEIL synchrotron (Saclay, France). He has been studying ancient materials for 15 years at C2RMF (Paris), the University of Cambridge (UK), and the SOLEIL synchrotron (Saclay). He is the founder and director of the IPANEMA European research platform on ancient materials (CNRS, French Ministry of Culture), which new facilities were officially open in 2013 on the Saclay plateau. His research is centred on the study of properties of ancient materials through full-field and raster-scanning microimaging, by developing methodological approaches based on infrared, UV/visible and X-ray synchrotron radiation. He has a particularly interest in obtaining more accurate information on the long-term ageing processes and exceptional preservation of biological remnants and materials from archaeological and paleontological settings studied at microscale, on manufacturing techniques used in the past, and on the provenance of raw materials used in the manufacture of archaeological artefacts. He has been involved in several infrastructure and research national and European programs.