President, National Council for Research and Technology, Greece; Professor, The Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Joseph Sifakis is a professor at EPF Lausanne and the director of the Center for Integrative Research in Grenoble. His research interests cover fundamental and applied aspects of embedded systems design. The main focus of his work is on the formalization of system design as a process leading from given requirements to trustworthy, optimized and correct-by-construction implementations.  
Joseph Sifakis is the founder of Verimag, a leading research laboratory in the area of critical embedded systems established in Grenoble, in 1993. He has received the Turing Award 2007 – considered to be “Nobel Prize of computing" - for his contribution to the theory and application of model-checking, currently the most widely-used verification method.
Joseph Sifakis is a member of the French Academy of Sciences, a member of the French National Academy of Engineering and a member of Academia Europea. He is a Grand Officer of the French National Order of Merit, a Commander of the French Legion of Honor and a Commander of the Greek Order of the Phoenix. He has received the Leonardo da Vinci Medal in 2012.
As of March 2014, Joseph Sifakis is the President of the Greek National Council for Research and Technology.