Director, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Science and Technology Directorate, United Kingdom

Professor Ian Wright is the Director of Science and Technology Directorate, that comprises the core >170 science and technology research staff of the UK National Oceanography Centre (NOC). He joined the National Oceanography Centre in 2008, taking up his current Director role in 2012. He personally leads research working on sub-seafloor and seafloor geological and structural control of fluid flow, with specific application in seafloor hydrothermalism, Arctic methane hydrate release, and potential sub-seabed carbon capture and storage leakage. Professor Wright is working in a number of important NERC and EU science projects including development of Arctic seafloor observatories, research to understand potential marine ecosystems impacts of CO2 leakage, and to develop appropriate monitoring strategies and technology for the nascent carbon capture and storage industry. He is a member of a number of important science advisory roles in government, including the NERC’s Science and Innovation Strategy Board, and Large Infrastructure Capital Working Group, and RCUK’s Energy Scientific Advisory Committee. In his role as NOC Science and Technology Director, Professor Wright is advising and leading developments in new programmes of sustained ocean observing, development of multi-parameter marine sensor development, the growing use of autonomous underwater vehicles and seafloor platforms that are emerging as components of a future in situ, instantaneous, intelligent and integrated marine observing infrastructure. Before joining the National Oceanography Centre, he was a Principal Scientist with the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand, and was leader of NIWA’s National Centre for Coasts and Oceans.