Director of Instruct & MRC Professor of Structural Biology, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Prof David I. Stuart currently holds two positions; the first as Joint Head of the Division of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford and the second as the Life Sciences Director at Diamond Light Source, Didcot, where he pursues interests in Synchrotron radiation; as well as these roles Prof Stuart is also the Director of INSTRUCT, a pan-European infrastructure project which aims to develop and provide access to cutting edge technologies for integrative Structural Biology.
Prof Stuart’s principal research interests include the structure of viruses and viral proteins as well as cellular proteins, especially those that interact with viruses. Over a number of years, in addition to structures of a large number of proteins and protein complexes his group has determined the structures of a wide range of viruses, including foot-and-mouth disease virus, bluetongue virus and the membrane containing phages PRD1 and PM2. These were at the time, and remain, some of the most complex structures determined in atomic detail. Furthermore they provided profound insight into the function of the viruses and are currently underpinning  efforts  aimed  at  improved  vaccines  for  some  of  the  most  economically important viruses infecting livestock.
Amongst his many accolades Prof Stuart was awarded the FEBS Anniversary Prize in 1990; elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1996, a member of EMBO in 1997 and a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006. In 2006 he was awarded (along with S Harrison, Harvard) the Aminoff Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and in 2007 was awarded the ECA Max Perutz Prize.

1974        Biophysics, Kings College London, BSc (Iii)
1979        Biochemistry, Bristol University, Ph.D.