Daniel ADAMS

Chief Director, Emerging Research Areas & Infrastructure, Department of Science & Technology, South Africa

Daniel Adams is currently employed as a Chief Director: Emerging Research Areas and Infrastructure, at the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Pretoria, South Africa.

His duties and responsibilities include: (a) monitoring and evaluation of new and emerging research areas as well as the establishment of national research and cyber-infrastructure; (b) responsible for the National Research Equipment Programmes – providing financial support for the acquisition of research equipment at traditional universities as well as Universities of Technology and National Research Facilities; (c) responsible for the National Nanotechnology Equipment programme – financial support for acquisition of research equipment to implement the National Nanotechnology Strategy; (d) roll-out of the national research broadband network, and development of the national high performance computing centre.

For the period 1987 to 2007 Daniel Adams was a full-time academic in the Department of Physics at the University of the Western Cape, where he held full-time positions as professor and research scientist. During his tenure at the university he supervised a number of postgraduate students and established a successful research programme in Bioceramics with emphasis on development and engineering of artificial bone material. Apart from being an active academic Daniel Adams also served as Head of the Department of Physics at UWC for two terms.

His publication track record consists of: 1 patent (co-inventor), 26 accredited journal publications, 16 peer reviewed conference proceedings, 1 Monograph on Silver Metallization and 1 Book Chapter.