Member of the European Parliament, Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

Graduated in History and Doctor of Art History. In 1995 she began her career in Politics, being responsible for Education and Culture in the Region of Murcia. She became a Member of the European Parliament in 1999. Regarding her parliamentary activity, her participation in research has always been outstanding.  Between 1999- 2004, she was a Member of the Culture and Education Committee and subsequently became a full Member of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety as well as Substitute of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee.

In the Political field, it is worth noting among other items the report "European Parliament Resolution on Universities and Higher Education in the European Learning Area" (2000).
From 1995 until 1999 she was the Autonomic Minister of Culture in the Region of Murcia. It is worth highlighting the educational transfers, the creation of the Seneca Foundation for the Research coordination in Murcia as well as the Creation of the Cartagena Polytechnic University, the Coordination University Law, San Juan de Dios Museum, the regeneration of the Fine Arts Museums in Murcia and the program for restoring the old Roman Theatre in Cartagena.

Her main research focuses on History of the Architecture and Town Planning; Power, economy and architecture; Preserving Cultural Heritage and Natural Landscape. She was Director of the Postgraduate Course in Historical and Natural Heritage since 1995 until 2003.

In the scientific domain, she was Secretary of the Spanish Association of art historians. And since 2008 she is currently Vice President of Ars Civilis Foundation involved in research and innovation.