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23 Jun 2020
ESFRI 72nd Plenary Meeting conclusions | Press release

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures concluded its first ever fully online Plenary meeting on June 17th 2020, broadcasting to the Research & Innovation community in Europe a clear message that, especially in these challenging times, Pan-European large scale Research Infrastructures, as a component of the new European Research Area, are a key pillar for a science-based response and a major facilitator of innovation and societal change.The Forum convened in full form and capacity, with 90 national delegates and experts coming from most EU Member States and Associated Countries closely following and shaping lively discussions on European Research Infrastructures and the response of ESFRI and the RI ecosystem to the COVID-19 pandemic. Importantly, the Forum decided to take solid steps towards Roadmap 2021 update, and to accelarate the implementation of the policies outlined in the “Making Science Happen” White Paper that was published this Spring.  

Press Release for the 72nd ESFRI Plenary Meeting

02 Oct 2019
Press Release: Towards the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 - A new ambition for European Science

Launching the call for proposals for the ESFRI Roadmap 2021, Jan Hrušák, Chair of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, called for a new ambition for European science to go beyond the existing frontiers of knowledge and find sustainable solutions to growing global challenges. Speaking at the Roadmap 2021 Info Day on 25 September 2019 in Brussels, organized as part of the European Research and Innovation Days, he underlined that “World-class Research Infrastructures, such as those identified in the ESFRI Roadmap, are essential to help us to reach these goals.’The Info Day marked the official invitation to the research community to propose new Research Infrastructures that will be included on the ESFRI Roadmap to be published in 2021. The deadline to submit proposals is May 5th, 2020.

Press Release Roadmap 2021 - Process Launch Info Day

24 Jul 2019
Towards the ESFRI Roadmap 2021: Call for proposals will be launched soon

Press Release Roadmap 2021 - Proposers Info Day

24 Mar 2016
ESFRI Roadmap 2016 Launch Event | Press Release

The ESFRI Roadmap 2016 describes 21 ESFRI projects and 29 Landmarks strategically aimed at enhancing pan-European science and innovation competitiveness. It was officially launched at a one-day conference hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam, under the auspices of the Dutch EU Presidency, on March 10th, at the historical Trippenhuis Building of the Academy.

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15 Sep 2014
Cosmological standard candles not standard anymore? | 2014

A study discards the possibility that the progenitor of the type Ia SN 2014J might have stemmed from the explosions of a white dwarf nourished by a normal star.

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09 Apr 2013
Existence of two new transiting extrasolar planets confirmed |2013

Detection of two extrasolar planets with the Kepler, SOPHIE and HARPS-N instruments.

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